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Wow! I am just now realizing the impact of winning the World Finals. Without the win, Stotz Racing would have had an interesting article in Cycle World about ProStreet and our awesome Turbo CBR1000RR. Great exposure for Stotz Racing and our sponsors. With the win came the cover of Cycle World. Not even the OEMs can buy space on the cover of Cycle World. You have to earn it! With that came the invitation to display at the Cycle World International Motor Cycle Show. I went through all 400 of the autograph posters I brought along.

Cycle World then asked me to bring the bike to the Indy Dealer Expo Show Feb. 14-16. This time I brought all of my autograph posters. There were less vendors with the economic downturn but the concensus was that the dealers that came were serious and not just tire kickers. Cycle World put our ProStreet RR in the front of their booth and had two large posters of the March Cover featuring our World Finals win. This kept me very busy. Scorpion Helmets had me in their booth for a radio interview and then Cycle World TV did a segment with me in the Cycle World booth for their webcast. They will let me know when it is airing and I will let you know.

Sport Bike Magazine's annual issue will be out in about 2 months. That issue will have highlights of the Cycle World Magazine-Stotz Racing article. Also in that issue will be the missing sidebar story of building the Stotz Racing-Honda CBR1000RR. That is where all our sponsors parts and services get the accolades they deserve for the performance we all achieved when Nick Ienatsch, a road race editor on the Little Red Honda, beat the big bore busa's. Thank you to all that helped make that happen and to the many fans that are still patting me on the back.

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