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Horsepower Record Meltdown at  701.32 !
Great Falls, MT man shatters scales with a Suzuki Motorcycle
March 10, 2005

Cecil, Georgia - Arcane Motorsports/NLR , Hank Booth  and operator Christer Johansson, all of Great Falls, Montana, traveled to Valdosta, Georgia this past weekend to spin the dyno scales just over 701 horsepower in the first Dynojet Horsepower Challenge. Booth modified a 1999 Suzuki 1300GSXR Hayabusa motorcycle to run methanol and a NLR turbocharger to compete in the inaugural Dynojet Horsepower Challenge. Booth and his operator also entered the second place winner, another Hayabusa pushing the scale to 606HP.

Outdoing, and outbuilding other engines that can produce extreme amounts of horsepower has become essentially a sport in itself.  Booth joined mechanics, builders, and racers from across  and above the nation in becoming 2005 Dynojet plate holders, recognizing their machines as the most powerful motorcycles on asphalt. Winners also received Dynatek motorcycle ignitions, SIDI boot certificates, MOTUL oil and protection chemicals,  Vanson leather gloves, Wiseco pistons and product apparel.

The motorsports industry has typically used dynos to test horsepower. Dynojet Research, in LasVegas, NV is the worlds leading manufacturer of dynamometers and the sponsor of this competition.  Applications for Dynojet products include automotive, motorcycle, snowmobile, as well as stand-alone engines and more.

Other winners in the Import Unlimited class with Booth included; RCC Turbo/Richard Peppler, of Ontario with 559.02 HP,  and Glen Bertagnoli coming in with a 445.16.  A note that all competitors were using the dominating Hayabusa powerplant as the framework for bikes.

Revving the scale in other classes were, Kent Stotz with 210.76 on the HRCA, Velocity turbo powered Honda in the Import V-Twin Cruiser Open class. Super Street Bike Magazine/ Don Smith squeezed a respectable 118.28HP out of the diminutive in comparison 600cc Suzuki.

The domestic bikes were represented by those from Harley Davidson. Kevin Kelly, Weston, FL brought in 247.67 in the V-twin Unlimited category followed immediately behind with Nick Trask, Phoenix, AZ generating 228.0HP. Brandon Rybicki brought his turbo-powered Harley V-Rod in at 191.74 with Harry Gunnusen directly behind him at 138.68 and Gary Salisbury led the older 89-95, Twin Cam class with 135.81

A Dyno, or Dynamometer is an instrument used to test and record the power of a rotating object. More precisely, the Dyno is used to test the power being applied to tires, or engine shafts of motors, be them steam, electric, nuclear, or more commonly, fossil fueled engines that power vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles. Dyno's register the power applied to its testing mechanism as Horsepower. One Horsepower became a standard of measurement for the power generated by mechanical means that would equal approximately one horse.


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