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1998-2008 The Rockstar Decade

We won our second AMA National Championship out of the back of my 1987 Dodge maxi-van. Many had trailers but very few had the full blown toterhomes and motorhome rigs. By 2008 big rigs filled the Pro pits and even the sportsman pits. Drag racing and the economy went on the biggest boom since the 70’s. Then came the economic downturn. Economic advisers suggested to cut spending and operate like the year you opened your business, very lean. Many businesses that did not accomplish this have not made it through to today. Unfortunately that includes many drag race organizations. Today however, I see a ray of sunshine and it is getting brighter. The Indy Dealer Show still did not have the big attendance of the past but the people that were there, both exhibitors and attendees alike, had a deliberate focus and were making moves to succeed either in business or winning races, many do both. As you read this I hope you are one of the ones that made it through this economic crunch. It is not over but things are much brighter.

We at Stotz Racing are ready and eager to get back to racing, starting with the Manufactures Cup April 8-10 in Valdosta, GA. The fall race was a huge success and they are trying to make each race better than the last. Our cbr1000RR has been rebuilt and tweaked, ready to win and unlike the fall race we will have a spare motor. It is the motor for the new bike we have 60% done. I am excited to get this bike done. As always when you build a new bike you try and make it better than the last. Falicons crank and rods are living much longer and with help from Microblue Racings surface finish and preparation we hope to get a full season from one motor. The little cbr was not meant for 450 hp and does not have the big cases and crank etc, that the Honda Blackbird had when we could go a full season on one motor. Derek from Star Racing and I went to lunch at the dealer show and I think with Star’s latest head and the XXX Fuel we can get more than the 453 HP to date, and help our liter cbrRR from the 1/8th to the ¼ mile. I also hope to have Rock Solids newest clutch for the Valdosta race. We hope to see you all there. Come by the Honda pits where things are getting brighter and brighter.

Four time AMA/Dragbike ProStreet Champion Kent Stotz became the first Street Bike to set the 200 mph record (7.25 seconds at 200.49 mph). Stotz Racing thanks the Honda Rider’s Club of America, Pro Honda Oils, Joe Rocket, BST Wheels, Falicon Crankshaft Components, Star Racing, JE Pistons, Air-Tech Streamlining, Des Plaines Honda, HyperPro, Win Racing, and Mark Harrell of

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