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Stotz AMA/Prostar Atlanta Race Report

The rained out Atlanta race was a disappointment to eveyone. None more so than the Stotz Racing team. With the RR running 7.40's in Valdosta, Stotz was eager to get back on the liter bike and try for the 7.30's. The 7.47 was run with only a 1.38 sixty foot time and the little RR has already been 1.28 sixty foot times. Put the 1.28 sixty foot to the rest of the 7.47 time and you get a 7.37 or better. Needless to say none of this came about. The only thing that came was rain and we will have to wait for the Richmond race to see what the little RR can do.

Stotz Racing hopes to have the SuperStreet RR ready for the Richmond race. Glenn Stickels is working feverishly to finish all the prototype pieces. So far with the stock motor it has made 249 HP at 9 lbs of boost. The chassis is done, but the body work needs to be painted and mounted. With any kind of luck you will see two Stotz Racing RR's in Virginia April 28-29 and in Englishtown NJ the following weekend of May 5-6 for the NHRA Sport Compact series.



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