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Stotz Racing finishes 2011 with the first Turbo ProStreetbike Six Second E.T.

The stellar performance of our Little Red Honda had the media and internet attention all year. Starting with breaking the 4 year old National Record at the first Manufacturers Cup race to becoming the first DOT legal Turbo ProStreet Bike to break into the sixes (6.98). That’s right, the Stotz Racing little CBR1000RR did what no other big bore turbo Busa or ZX14 were able to do. The Big Block vs. Small Block rivalry of the 70’s are back, exciting the fans but this time we are on street bikes and instead of Chevy vs. Ford vs. Mopar it is Honda vs. Suzuki vs. Kawasaki.

Stotz Racing
Photo by Eric Tolton

Rock Solid’s superior clutch produced consistent 1.19 to 1.21 sixty foot times with a best of 1.18 and as always we are working to improve that. Glenn from Falicon Crankshafts, George from Star Racing, Bill from Robinson Ent. were on hand and along with JE Pistons, Millennium Technologies and MicroBlue Racing have had their products in our motors for many years. Their R&D over the years not only helped to develop the first 6 second Turbo ProStreetbike but are making our little cbr1000RR live at 450+ horsepower levels. BST’s carbon fiber wheels and Airtech’s Bodywork make it super light for acceleration while EPMPerf.coms HyperPro Shock and PR Factory Store’s Mickey Thompson DOT tires keep us hooked up to an astounding 4.55 in the eighth mile. When you combine our sponsors products and services with Frankie’s outstanding riding, 6 second passes become reality. We can’t thank them enough except to say that we will be kicking ass again in 2012. Happy New Year to All!

Stotz Racing

Stotz Racing thanks American Honda, BST Wheels, Falicon Crankshaft Components, Star Racing, MicroBlue Racing, JE Pistons, Rock Solid Mfg, Air-Tech Streamlining, XXX Racing Fuels, Des Plaines Honda,, Millennium Technologies, Win Racing, Cycletek, and Mark Harrell of

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