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Three Races in Five Weekends

After going to the finals at the season opening Manufacturers Cup race we got even more excited to get to more races. The NHDRO Muncie race was a tuners and riders race. The track was slick for most of the weekend. I did my job tuning us to the 3rd quickest pass of the weekend and Frankie did his job saving my bacon when it spun, he pumped it just enough to hook back up and advance to the 2nd round. We had a bye run in the 2nd round. I like to test the tracks limits on bye runs and the bike left good. Right after the 60 ft clock it fell on its face breaking up. The only thing that it could be was the newly installed water injection. I disabled it, retuned and went to the lanes. Unfortunately our parts failure in the previous round cost us lane choice and we only had one pass in the left lane before we had to race down it. The bike transferred good but by 30 ft out it drove into tire spin. The new track owner promised to have the track in better condition for the July race.

Kent Stotz Racing

The next race was the Hardcore Drag race series in Byron, IL. It was a short weekend for us as we hurt a valve on the 2nd qualifier and worked Sat. night, Sunday and the rest of the week to get ready for the NHDRO Indy events. We love Indy and have recorded our 2nd quickest pass ever there. Brian Welch got some cars to come in and help burn the track in and Jason Wurtzel knows how to make a track hook. Working on the bike all week caused us to miss the much needed Friday practice session. Since our 4 year legal fuel was outlawed we switched to VP and they have been great but racing gas runs much hotter than fuels with alcohol in them and we have hurt parts due to uncontrolled heat at the 6.90-7.00 performance level. The water injection through off the tune up and dropped power drastically when we ran enough water to control the heat. Saturday was frustrating having such a great track but running the water injection to save the motor left us in the bottom half of qualifying. Sunday I turned the water off and we went from 7.93 to 7.53 to the second quickest pass of the weekend, a 7.30 in three passes. In the next round I added a little clutch because it was still slipping a bit and it bogged the motor sending us home without the win at one of our favorite tracks. We are looking to have the new Red, White, and Blue bike out by the 4th of July. Stay safe and keep it rubber side down.

Kent Stotz Racing

Stotz Racing, home of the First 6 Second Turbo ProStreet Bike thanks American Honda, BST Wheels by Brock, Falicon Crankshaft Components, Star Racing, MicroBlue Racing, JE Pistons, Rock Solid Mfg, Air-Tech Streamlining,, Millennium Technologies, Mickey Thompson by PR Factory Store, Cycletek, WorldWide Bearings, Win Racing, ARP, Portable Shade,, and back again is Joe Rocket thankfully protecting Frankie’s little body.

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