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Summer Race Report

After the June NHDRO race at Indy we had hoped to get the new bike out for the July NHDRO race in Muncie. Unfortunately as I inspected the motor for rebuild I found more cylinder and piston damage, again due to the new fuel, and had to steal the new bikes motor just to have a motor for the current bike. We still can not get our motors to handle the heat of trying to run in the sixes again. The good news is that at least it was rebuildable, unlike the other two motors that we have hurt since the new imposed fuel rule. With less damage, that tells me that at least the water injection is showing promise for us to push harder to get back on top. The double whammy is that when they outlawed our 5 year legal fuel they also let our Big Bore competitors shed 35 lbs off their bikes, or longer wheelbase, and their engine size has been increased to 1450 cc (45% more than ours). This has allowed them better performance without losing reliability. With the hotter burning (less power, more damage) leaded fuel, our reliability is sketchy at best and we felt it unwise risking our only motor on the regional races. The new motor we are building will take a little time because we are trying some new and different parts and processes to help control the heat and increase our reliability.

We were excited for the NHDRO-Manufacturers Cup Indy race August 17-19. In the test and tune session we only pushed it in 1st and 2nd gear, then shut off to save our only motor. In qualifying we ran it hard through 4th gear but lowered the boost in 5th & 6th ending up 5th with a 7.21. The first round we ran another 7.21 but the clutch was slipping now that we added boost back into 5th & 6th. The next round I added a little clutch to stop the top end slipping but it pulled the motor down too far off the line and killed our E.T. It makes me sick to be in Indy at the NHDRO-Man Cup Nationals with a track capable of holding Six second runs and we have to play it safe to keep the motor together and then try to win the race on Sunday. We have won four National Championships, countless National records and wins, the first 200 MPH streetbike, and the first Turbo Streetbike in the Sixes pursuing reliability and consistency to achieve these goals. We have had many rules imposed against our performance achievements but this fuel change is a direct hit on our reliability and has almost tripled our engine program costs in one of the most economically challenged times in history. Be that as it may we have a busy schedule coming up. Sept 22-23 the 2Wheel Speed Final, Sept. 6th King of the Streets Final race, Sept 7th Wheelie Weekend with over 10,000 fans in the stands, and Nov. 9-11 the Man Cup Final in Georgia. Oct. 12-14 The Shakedown at E-Town is a huge car and bike race and if we have our spare motor done we want to win that race also. Great races coming up, we have the performance, and with a little luck we will get enough reliability to win out the season.

Photo by Mitch Pennington

Stotz Racing, home of the First 6 Second Turbo ProStreet Bike thanks American Honda, BST Wheels by Brock, Falicon Crankshaft Components, Star Racing, MicroBlue Racing, JE Pistons, Rock Solid Mfg, Air-Tech Streamlining,, Millennium Technologies, Mickey Thompson by PR Factory Store, Cycletek, WorldWide Bearings, Win Racing, ARP, Portable Shade,, and back again is Joe Rocket thankfully protecting Frankies little body.

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