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Wet and Wild

The NHDRO season opener kicked off this past weekend May 16-18 at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis. Fridays test and tune was racing between the rain drops. The cold temps and rain had the track crew working their butts off all weekend to give us the best track possible. The new CBR1000RR was in test mode with a new trans from Robinson Industries riding on World Wide Bearings and the new J E Pistons coated by MicroBlue all worked great. Performance gains were achieved, but not enough. We decided to bring out Little Red for Saturday qualifying which just got new bodywork from Airtech.

Frankie Stotz

The weather was much better for Saturday's qualifying so we put the 6.90 record breaking tune up in but softened it to be safe. What was hoped for a high 6.90 never got 5 feet off the starting line before the tire went up in smoke. In the second round the track looked good, but the bike wheelied in 1st gear enough that Frankie had to pump the throttle and slowed us to a 7.38@202MPH. The third round the track looked great so we put the 1st round tune up back in it, but a little softer. We ran a 7.06@205mph which qualified us #2. We were OK with this, but with the excellent air and Indy's normally excellent track we wanted a shot at the record which we missed by less than .003 of a second just 4 weeks earlier.

Frankie Stotz

Sunday eliminations is not the time to care about records, so we concentrated on winning the race. Normal procedure is to just keep tweaking the tune up. Our 7.06 qualifier became a 7.02@206MPH win for the first round of eliminations. Great. Tweaked a little more for round two, but when Frankie hit 2nd gear the tire started spinning and even with numerous attempts to throttle back, the bike did not hook up until 4th gear, slowing us to a 7.59@193MPH. Luckily for us our competitor had the same tire spinning issues and we advanced to the Semi-Finals. That massive tire spin blistered our tire so we put on a new Mickey Thompson tire and softened the tune up a little more. Our competitor was NHDRO Champion Doug Gall. In 2013 we lost the Championship to Doug by less than one round. Frankie left great, but again when he hit 2nd gear it started to spin. Frankie's seat of the pants riding ability saved it to run a 7.02@209MPH for a win and advanced to the Final. Now we faced NHDRO 3 time past champion Bud Yoder for all the marbles. Frankie's .010 reaction time killed Bud's better than average .039 reaction time so we were out front but it started to wheelie. Frankie short shifted and saved it but Bud went by him. Then Bud started spinning and Frankie flew past him for the Win. The NHDRO season opener started out Wet and then got Wild but Stotz Racing and the Honda CBR1000RR rose to the occasion and came out the Victor!

Frankie Stotz

Stotz Racing, home of the First 6 Second Turbo ProStreet Bike thanks American Honda, Falicon Crankshaft Components, Star Racing, Rock Solid Mfg, Al Lamb's Dallas Honda, JE Pistons, Mickey Thompson by PR Factory Store, MicroBlue Racing, BST Wheels by Brock, Pro Honda Oils and Chemicals, Air-Tech Streamlining, Millennium Technologies,, Robinson Industries, WorldWide Bearings, Win Racing, ARP, DME Racing, and

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