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Wild World Finals

With our bike running consistent 6.90's at the NHDRO Finals we went to Bradenton Dragway in Florida to test new R&D products from Falicon Crankshafts, JE Piston, Star Racing, ARP Fasteners and a new cylinder block set up from Millenium Technologies to get us ready for next year and hopefully the 6.80's. Testing started out slow but by the end of the test session we were witness to the world's first 3.99 second 1/8th mile pass by a Drag Radial car and we ran our best ever 3.06 to the 330 foot timing clock. We were only testing to the 330 as we had the Manufacturers Cup World Finals three days later and did not want to hurt the new motor. We could not be happier with the new products and blistering 330 times. Off to the Man Cup World Finals at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta, GA.

Kent Stotz

We sat out Thursdays test session as we had just done two days of testing in Florida. Friday the track looked good so I put a fairly aggressive tune up in our CBR1000RR and sent Frankie ripping down the track. The bike spun going into 2nd and then 3rd when all of the sudden there was a big backfire and Frankie stopped on the track. The emergency officials got to him right away and when I got there he was trying to access the damage. We took care of the bike while the EMT's took care of Frankie. The bike had backfired (the data did not reveal why) and blew out the sides of the welded aluminum plenum. A big shout out to Chuck from Spiderman McBrides crew for working it back into shape for Bruno and Sam from Nitro Conspiracy Racing for welding it. The plenum worked great. The second pass on the repaired plenum netted a 6.96 to qualify #2. We made steady progress going through eliminations. For the Semi-Final I added a half pound of boost to 1st gear. It liked it and picked up two hundredths in the sixty foot. It was accelerating a lot harder and bottomed the EPM Performance/HyperPro shock in first gear. With no room to give, when Frankie hit 2nd the tire started to spin and gave Ryan Schnitz in the other lane enough to pull ahead for the win. Congratulations to Bud Yoder and the Yoder/Paquette/McIntosh team for winning the race and recording the quickest ever- 6.83 ET.

Kent Stotz

Some of the most exciting news came as the event was unfolding. MotormaniaTV was there filming and live streaming the Man Cup World Finals. First a few Stotz Racing crew members that could not make the 11 day journey called me to say they were watching us on the live streaming Man Cup site. They said it was just like watching NHRA TV. Next some of the many Europeans that always come over to our World Finals came to my pits and said friends from abroad were texting to say they too were watching live! By the time the weekend was over and we made the 18 hour drive back home I got the facts and figures about the Live Streaming.

With 10,986 users, 21,759 sessions, 41,102 pageviews, 30:11 hours streamed, 90 countries reached, and an average viewing time of 4 hours 18 minutes! (Walmart has an average viewing time of 9 minutes.) The word is just getting out about Live Streaming for next year. So far the Man Cup has 2 of the 4 races scheduled for Live Streaming.

Kent Stotz

We will be at the MotorCycle Dealer Expo in Chicago on Dec.5-7 and the PRI Show in Indy the following weekend of 12th-14th. We hope you enjoyed our season as much as we did.Thank you to the many people that made it all possible.

Stotz Racing, home of the First 6 Second Turbo ProStreet Bike thanks American Honda, Falicon Crankshaft Components, Star Racing, Rock Solid Mfg, Al Lamb's Dallas Honda, JE Pistons, Mickey Thompson by PR Factory Store, MicroBlue Racing, BST Wheels by Brock, Pro Honda Oils and Chemicals, Air-Tech Streamlining, Millennium Technologies,, Robinson Industries, WorldWide Bearings, Win Racing, ARP, DME Racing, and

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