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Frankie Recovering From Accident

Most of you know that Frank was hit by a drunk driver back in August. Besides the 8 inch titanium plate that now makes up his elbow, the scarier part was facial fractures and head trauma. We were very happy when we got the report from the doctors that the facial fractures healed nicely. We were hoping that the head drama beat some sense into him ha ha. He is still as cocky as ever, so I guess all is well.

We have been using this healing time to also progress our motor development. The switch to methanol helped make more power but caused a lot of parts breakage. We've learned a lot on how to keep it alive now but still at the power levels that we had on gasoline. We're on our way back to Dyno Dynamics next week to see if we can push that little Cbr 1000 even harder and keep it in one piece. Brian at JE Pistons saved us 34 grams with the new lighter pistons and wrist pins, and Falicon added weight to the counterbalance. As always Microblue put their special touch on all the parts that have friction with another part.

Starting to get pretty cold up here in Chi-Town, so thankfully Speed and Strength makes hoodies besides their other Racing apparel in leathers that protects Frankie. We will see some of you at the PRI show and other trade shows through the winter.

Looking forward to getting back to the track in the March for testing before the season starts.

Have a safe and happy holiday.




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